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Camulodunum – The First Capital of Britannia

Camulodunum was a Roman city and the first capital of the Roman province of Britannia, in what is now the present-day city of Colchester in Essex, England.

The Ancient Pyramid City of Túcume

Túcume is an ancient city that is traditionally considered to be the last great capital of the Lambayeque Kingdom, located in the lower valley La Leche River in the Lambayeque Region of Peru.

The Greco-Roman City of Hippos

Hippos, meaning “horse” is an ancient Greco-Roman city in the foothills beneath the Sussita Mountain, located near the present-day Kibbutz Ein Gev in the Northern District of Israel.

Ancient Troy

The ruins of Troy (also called Ilios or Ilion and Ilium) in present-day Hisarlik in Canakkale, Turkey - comprises of a multi-period site now partially buried in an artificial tell illustrating the gradual development of the city in north-western Asia Minor.

Pasargadae – The First Dynastic Capital of the Achaemenid Empire

Pasargadae is an ancient city and capital of the Achaemenid Empire, located in the present-day province of Fars in southwestern Iran.

Apamea – The City of Columns

Apamea, also called Apamea Cibotus and Apamea Ad Maeandrum is an ancient Greek and Roman city, overlooking the Ghab valley in the Hama Governorate of Syria.

Patara – Birthplace of Saint Nicolas (Santa Claus)

Patara, later known as Arsinoe is an ancient maritime city on the south-west coast of Lycia in the Antalya Province of Turkey.

The Anastasian Wall – The Great Byzantine Wall

The Anastasian Wall, also called the Long Walls of Thrace is a wall fortification built by the Eastern Roman Empire, to protect the city of Constantinople (Istanbul in present-day Turkey) from Barbarian invasion.

Jiaohe – The Castle City

Jiaohe, also called Yarkhoto and Yarghul is an ancient ruined city and fortress, located on a land plateau shaped like a willow leaf in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.

Ancient Pergamon

Pergamon, also called Pergamum and Pergamos is an ancient Greek city on the Caicus plain in the region of Mysia, northwest Turkey.

The Ancient City of Ur

Ur is an ancient city-state of Mesopotamia located in the Dhi Qar Governorate of southern Iraq.

Saint Jean – The Subterranean Monolithic Church

The church was carved into a limestone cliff along the Dronne valley, overlooking Aubeterre-sur-Dronne sometime during the 8th century AD, with further expansion by Benedictine monks during the 12th century.