Scholars uncover rare papyrus fragment from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas is an apocryphal gospel that describes the early life of Jesus. 

Waters at Roman Bath may have super healing properties

A new study, published in the Microbe journal, has uncovered a diverse array of microorganisms in the geothermal waters at Roman Bath that may have super healing properties.

Explorers find lost plane of WWII fighter ace

A team of explorers from Pacific Wrecks have discovered the lost plane of WWII ace pilot, Richard Bong.

Soldiers’ graffiti depicting hangings found on door at Dover Castle

Conservation of a Georgian door at Dover Castle has revealed etchings depicting hangings and graffiti from time of French Revolution.

Bronze Age treasures stolen from Ely Museum

Thieves have broken into Ely Museum and stolen historical treasures dating from the Bronze Age.

New insights into origins of the Stone of Scone

The Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny, is a block of sandstone with deep-rooted symbolism in Scottish monarchy and kingdom.

Lost works of the Brother’s Grimm discovered

Researchers discover lost works of the Brother’s Grimm in the Adam Mickiewicz University Library.

The history of the Oak Island Money Pit

Oak Island, located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, is a small 140-acre island which has been the subject of an ongoing treasure hunt since 1795.

Stone sphere among artefacts repatriated to Costa Rica

395 pre-Columbian artefacts have been repatriated to Costa Rica thanks to a grant by the United States Embassy to the Cultural Agreements Fund.

The Alaca Höyük meteoric dagger

The Alaca Höyük meteoric dagger is an iron forged dagger with extraterrestrial origins.

Ford Nucleon – The atomic-powered car

The Nucleon is an unrealised concept car designed by the Ford Motor Company in 1957.

The ancient tradition of barrow burials is being revived in England

A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service, has been granted permission to build the first and only modern barrow site in the East Midlands, England.

Artist’s fantasy home gets Grade II listed status

A flat, transformed by artist, Ron Gittins, has been granted Grade II listed status by Historic England.

Unique Māori cloak made from kākāpō feathers goes on public display

A unique Māori cloak, made from the feathers of the critically endangered kākāpō has gone on public display following vital conservation work by Culture Perth and Kinross, the British Museum, and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Explore the Cutty Sark in new immersive virtual reality (VR) experience

The Cutty Sark, one of the world’s most famous ships, has been recreated in virtual reality by experts at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and Smartify.

Unique “stele of the twin babies” unveiled

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens has unveiled the only surviving example of a funerary relief depicting twin babies in the same arms.

1930’s British railway carriage found buried in Antwerp

Archaeologists from the city of Antwerp, Belgium, have uncovered a 1930’s British railway carriage during excavations for the Oosterweel Link.

Stolen cultural treasures from Japan found in Massachusetts attic

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have announced the recovery of 22 cultural treasures from Okinawa, Japan, which were discovered in an attic in Massachusetts, United States.

New life for the Sycamore Gap tree

In September 2023, an act of vandalism felled the iconic sycamore tree at Whin Sill Gap on Hadrian’s Wall.

The rise and fall of King John

John was born in 1166 at Beaumont Palace in Oxford, England, and was the youngest son of Henry II and the Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine.

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