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High taxes were always a problem in the Roman Empire, so what’s new?

Inscriptions tell us, that throughout history people always complained about the high taxes charged by the central government.

Cracks make historical paintings less vulnerable to environmental variations

Historical wood panel paintings with developed craquelure patterns – networks of fine cracks in the paint– are significantly less vulnerable to environmental variations than previously assumed, according to a study in the open access journal Heritage Science.

New Publication Records Northamptonshire’s Bloody History

Following on from their successful publications covering the Battles of Northampton and Edgcote during the Wars of the Roses, the two authors have collaborated on a comprehensive survey of the County’s turbulent and bloody military history.

Disappearance of animal species takes mental, cultural and material toll on humans

For thousands of years, indigenous hunting societies have subsisted on specific animals for their survival. How have these hunter-gatherers been affected when these animals migrate or go extinct?

What protects minority languages from extinction?

Over 6,000 languages are currently spoken worldwide, but a substantial minority - well over 5% - are in danger of dying out.

Minoan monkeys reveal ancient cultural interconnections

The monkeys featured in several frescos in Minoan Greece suggests the civilisation was familiar with multiple monkey species, none of which were indigenous to...

How a poet founded mathematics

Consider the following problem - A musician has to compose an n-beat rhythm. A heavy syllable takes up two consecutive beats, while a light syllable takes up a single beat. How many total rhythms does the musician have to choose from?

April 22nd 1778 – The day America raided England

On April 22nd, 1778, a lone USS Naval ship carried out a daring raid during the American Revolutionary War on the town of Whitehaven in England.

Rethinking Europe’s Early Modern Islamic Legacy

There is, in our time, a tendency to think of the historical interaction between Islam and Christianity in terms of conquest and religious conflict. This,...

What early Christian communities tell us about giving financial aid at a time of crises

Sometime in the late second century A.D., Christians in the city of Rome organized a collection to send to the followers of Jesus in the city of Corinth.

Mystery solved! We finally understand the origin of the colours in the first colour photographs

A palette of colours on a silver plate: that is what the world’s first colour photograph looks like. It was taken by French physicist Edmond Becquerel in 1848. His process was empirical, never explained, and quickly abandoned.

The Nemi Ships were elaborate floating palaces built by Caligula in the 1st Century AD.

The Nemi Ships were large Roman vessels, essentially floating palaces built in the 1st century at Lake Nemi by the Roman Emperor Caligula.