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Robin Hood: The Unlikely Hero

Robin Hood may not have a place in the true historical record, but it is fair to assume that the legends themselves hold a special place in history. This is not an unearthing of a great secret as to the ‘real’ Robin Hood, nor is it a comprehensive covering of the legends themselves with listless conjecture and debate.

Lost part of Beethoven masterpiece lives again

Music composed by Beethoven, thought lost for two centuries has been reconstructed by a team at the University of Manchester.

Gold rush as Hoard goes on display

The Potteries museum and art gallery has scooped a £40,000 heritage grant to stage its largest ever exhibition on the world’s biggest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver.

Shackleton’s Antarctica 100-year-old Whisky Brought To Life!

Whisky that laid buried for over 100 years next to Ernest Shackleton’s hut has been recreated.

Merchant Navy records reveal Britain’s ‘fourth service’

In commemoration of Merchant Navy Day, the National Archives have made available the records of over one million records contain details of Merchant Navy Seamen for the first time.

New exhibition exposes modern slavery in London

The Museum of London has launched a new exhibition to highlight the plight and realities of forced labour and slavery in London.

King Charles I in charge: Decisive Civil War battle recreated in audio form

Naseby Battlefield guide for visually impaired created as part of an educational outreach project. 

2012 marks a milestone! – 200 years of commercial railway locomotives

Britain is preparing for the Olympic games in 2012, but what many won't realise, is that the year also marks the bicentenary of the...

Railway Preservation – Students show the way

The growth of “Heritage” in Britain is due, says Jodie Lewis of Bangor University, to the British love of nostalgia and the underdog. Railway Preservation...