Editor in Chief

Julie St Jean

Main interests:

Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

More About Nick

(United States) is a Zooarchaeology Consultant based just outside of New York City, USA. Julie’s geographic experience includes excavating in Southern England, Southwest USA, Northeast and mid-Atlantic USA as well as analyzing faunal assemblages from Post-Medieval Scotland, Roman England and Medieval Italy.

Author Articles

Medicinal and Ritualistic Uses for Chocolate in Mesoamerica

Chocolate finds its way onto even the most simplistic dessert menus today to satisfy the sweetest sweet-tooth. In ancient Mesoamerica, chocolate was deemed a specialty food, achieving a sacred status.

Pet-Keeping and Animal Sacrifice as Seen Economically and Archaeologically

Pet-keeping and animal sacrifice in antiquity were common practices. How the animals were treated can often be seen archaeologically.

Agriculture, Food and Non-Food Products as Seen Zoo-archaeologically

Archaeologically, domestication, animal treatment, economy and religion.

Does economy affect religion? Does religion affect economy?

Religion and social economy don't outwardly appear to be related. However each can affect the other in context, form and intensity.

Seriously……..Why Study Archaeology?

The reasons people choose to go into the field of archaeology are diverse. There is a need to get to know the ...

The Study of Human Remains: What does it really tell us? Part 3

When an archaeologist studies one set of human remains, he is seeking specific information about that one person. For what purpose is he looking...