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Online tool helps to protect tropical forests

A new tool maps the threats to the tropical dry forests in Peru and Ecuador.

Scientists discover new pit viper species

A new green pit viper species of the genus Trimeresurus was discovered during the herpetological expedition to Arunachal Pradesh in India, part of the Himalayan biodiversity hotspot.

Plants respond to light within a fraction of a second

Scientists have revealed intricate atomic-scale structural changes in plants, fungi and bacteria in response to light in a new study.

New ethane-munching microbes discovered at hot vents

Unlike animals, which only digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats, microorganisms also feed on a variety of other organic compounds.

The smell of fear warns other voles

Many encounters between predators and prey take place in dense vegetation. Predators lurk and wait for the best moment to attack, but are seldom visible.

Rare South American ground beetles sport unusual, likely multi-purpose antennal cleaners

For 157 years, scientists have wished they could understand the evolutionary relationships of a curious South American ground beetle that was missing a distinctive feature of the huge family of ground beetles (Carabidae).

Extinction of threatened marine megafauna would lead to huge loss in functional diversity

In a paper published in Science Advances, an international team of researchers have examined traits of marine megafauna species to better understand the potential ecological consequences of their extinction under different future scenarios.

Mahogany tree family dates back to last hurrah of the dinosaurs

You might own something made from mahogany like furniture, paneling or a musical instrument.

Bees point to new evolutionary answers

Evolutionary biology aims to explain how new species arise and evolve to occupy myriad niches - but it is not a singular or simplistic story.

When fathers are pregnant

How the embryo develops in the womb is a complicated process, that is still puzzling today.

Flamingos form firm friendships

Flamingos form friendships that last for years, new reseFlamingos form friendships that last for years, new research shows.arch shows.

A new species of black endemic iguanas in Caribbeans is proposed for urgent conservation

A newly discovered endemic species of melanistic black iguana (Iguana melanoderma), discovered in Saba and Montserrat islands, the Lesser Antilles (Eastern Caribbean), appears to be threatened by unsustainable harvesting (including pet trade) and both competition and hybridization from escaped or released invasive alien iguanas from South and Central America.