BU archaeologists uncover Iron Age victim of human sacrifice

Archaeologists from Bournemouth University have uncovered an Iron Age victim of human sacrifice in Dorset, England.

Archaeologists find traces of violent history on Anglo-Scottish border

Archaeologists from the Border Reivers Archaeology Unit have uncovered traces of the violent history along the Anglo-Scottish border.

Collapse of Chavin culture was followed by a period of violence

A skeletal analysis has revealed that a period of violence followed the collapse of the Chavín culture in Peru.

Bacterial diseases were a lethal threat during the Stone Age

A new study has found that bacterial poisoning via food and water – but also direct contact such as kissing, was a lethal threat to people during the Stone Age in Scandinavia.

Europe’s largest mass grave found in Germany

Archaeologists from IN TERRA VERITAS have uncovered mass plague pits containing the remains of over 1,000 burials in southern Germany.

Study shows osteological evidence of severed hands in Ancient Egypt

In a new study published in the journal Springer, the severed right hands from 12 individuals have been analysed osteologically, revealing trophy-taking practices in Ancient Egypt.

Forgotten ‘Lowbury Woman’ burial to reveal her secrets

The mystery surrounding the remains of two Anglo Saxons – identified as a man and a woman buried 1,400 years ago in south Oxfordshire – may finally be solved thanks to modern scientific techniques.

Evidence of Bronze Age cranial surgery found at ancient Megiddo

Archaeologists excavating at ancient Megiddo have found evidence of Bronze Age cranial surgery.

CT scan reveals 49 amulets in Ancient Egyptian mummy

A CT scan has revealed that a 2,300-year-old Ancient Egyptian mummy has 49 amulets placed within the body.

Archaeologists find 11,000-year-old human remains in British cave

A team of archaeologists from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), have found 11,000-year-old human remains in Heaning Wood Bone Cave, located in Cumbria, England.

Archaeologists find prehistoric mass grave with headless skeletons

Archaeologists have found a mass grave site in Vráble, Slovakia, containing 38 burials who were decapitated.

Study reveals that “bog bodies” were part of a tradition that spanned a millennia

Archaeologists have conducted a study of hundreds of ancient “bog bodies” found in Europe’s wetlands, revealing that they were part of a tradition that spanned a millennia.

Face of 19th-century ‘Connecticut vampire’ reconstructed

Researchers have revealed the face of the ‘Connecticut vampire’ using forensic facial reconstruction.

Byzantine monk chained with iron rings uncovered

The remains of a monk, chained with iron rings has been uncovered during excavations at Khirbat el-Masani in Israel.

The Art of Mummification

The art of (deliberate) mummification is a long, labor-intensive process, performed by many cultures from across the ancient world.

Archaeologists find ‘bog body’ skeletal parts from possible sacrifice

Human remains found during excavations in Egedal, Denmark, may have been from a ritual sacrifice more than 5,000 years ago.

Archaeologists unearth soldiers killed in Battle of Camden

Archaeologists have unearthed the skeletal remains of soldiers that died in the Battle of Camden during the Revolutionary War.

Stone Age grave reveals new insights into prehistoric burial practises

A soil analysis of a Stone Age grave in Finland has revealed new insights into prehistoric burial practises.

Researchers conduct ‘virtual autopsy’ of a mummified 17th century child

Researchers led by Dr Andreas Nerlich of the Academic Clinic Munich-Bogenhausen, have conducted a ‘virtual autopsy’ of a mummified 17th century child, using cutting-edge science alongside historical records to shed new light on Renaissance childhood.

Maya sacrificial victims found in the ‘Midnight Terror Cave’ may have been gagged

Blue fibres found in the dental calculus from Maya sacrificial victims in the 'Midnight Terror Cave' suggests that they were gagged.

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