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The Private Estates of the Royal Family

The private estates of the Royal Family are the privately owned assets, not to be confused with the Crown Estates which belong to the British monarch as a corporation sole or "the sovereign's public estate".

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a list of monuments from antiquity that was featured in various texts and poems dating from the 2nd to 1st century BC.

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

The Egyptian Pyramids are described as pyramid-shaped monuments, constructed mostly as funerary tombs and ceremonial complexes for the departed pharaohs during the Old Kingdom (2575 BC to 2150 BC) and Middle Kingdom (2050-1550 BC) periods.

50 Ancient Ruins Around the World

The world is littered with the ancient ruins of man-made cities and settlements that stretch back thousands of years. Represented are 50 ruins that embody the outstanding achievements of humanity across various cultures and civilisations.

Top 10 Waterfalls in Britain

Waterfalls stir the imagination of painters and nature lovers alike, due to their beauty and magnificence in sculpturing a path in the natural geology. Here are ten of the most majestic waterfalls in Britain (in no particular order).

10 prehistoric cave paintings

Cave paintings are a type of parietal art (which category also includes petroglyphs, or engravings), found on the wall or ceilings of caves.

5 virtual tours of historical sites

Take a virtual interactive tour of five historical sites from across the globe.

10 Historic UK Stone Circles

The best known tradition of stone circle construction occurred across the British Isles and Brittany in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, with over 1000 examples still surviving to this day.

10 British Iron Age Hill Forts

A hill fort is a type of earthworks used as a fortified refuge or defended settlement, located to exploit a rise in elevation for defensive advantage.

10 Human Bone Ossuaries’

An ossuary can be described as a chest, box or building that functions as the final resting place of human skeletal remains where burial space is often scarce. 

10 of the largest “Super Volcanoes”

A supervolcano is classified as a volcano with an eruption magnitude of 8, the largest value on the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) where the volume of deposits for that eruption is greater than 1,000 cubic kilometers (240 cubic miles).

Yggdrasil and the 9 Norse Worlds

In ancient Norse mythology and cosmology, Yggdrasil is an immense tree that sprang forth in the primordial void of Ginnungagap, unifying the 9 worlds of Asgard, Álfheimr/Ljósálfheimr, Niðavellir/Svartálfaheimr, Midgard (Earth), Jötunheimr/Útgarðr, Vanaheim, Niflheim, Muspelheim & Hel.