Wessex Archaeology Help Injured Servicemen And Women

Dave Norcott explains the results of the auger survey: Image-Heritage Daily

Staff in Wessex Archaeology’s Salisbury office are taking part in a pilot project entitled ‘Operation Nightingale‘ to explore the potential of using archaeology as a tool in the rehabilitation of injured servicemen and women.

The project is being led by Sgt Diarmaid Walshe of 1 Rifles. In the first stage of the pilot Dave Norcott helped with an environmental archaeology (auger) survey on Salisbury Plain before the 11 soldiers from the Rifles visited Portway House for some practical demonstrations.

The preliminary results of the pilot have been so encouraging that further work  are planned.



Phil Harding with participants of Operation Nightingale:  Image Wessex Archaeology


Continuing their involvement in this project, Wessex have just hosted  the first of many work placements from the Rifles. James and Paul have spent two weeks with us, taking part in various activities but also following their own interests. James worked with Jackie McKinley, learning about human bone, while Paul brushed up his artistic skills in the Drawing Office. Both commented on how welcome we made them feel, and they gave us excellent feedback about their time here.



Illustrating finds:  Image Wessex Archaeology

This is an extremely worthwhile project and all concerned have enjoyed the experience so far. Thanks must go to those  from Wessex who helped James and Paul, by introducing them to various aspects of archaeology work, and working with them over the last two weeks.


James learning about human bone with Jackie McKinley: Image Wessex Archaeology 

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