China expansion continues in Antarctica

Following China’s inauguration of a new scientific research station in Antarctica known as the Qinling Station, renewed interest is being placed on the potential environmental and security implications that threatens the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS).

The Invulnerable Nazi Saint-Nazaire Submarine Base

The Saint-Nazaire submarine base is a large, fortified submarine base constructed by the Germans in the occupied city of Saint-Nazaire on the west coast of France.

Wunderwaffe – The Nazi Superweapons of WW2

Wunderwaffe, meaning “miracle weapon” or “universal solution” in German, was a term coined by the Nazi propaganda ministry for “superweapons” being developed during WW2.

Scientists Hunt For Lost WW2 Bunkers Designed to Hold Off Invasion

New research published by scientists from Keele, Staffordshire and London South Bank Universities, has unveiled extraordinary new insights into a forgotten band of secret fighters created to slow down potential invaders during World War Two.

New Discoveries at Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair

Researchers at the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s military headquarters located in the Masurian woods, Poland have made several new discoveries.

Afro-Jewish band dominated Nazi-occupied Denmark’s music scene

Afro-Danish orchestra with three black musicians and a Jewish woman that sold out all the biggest Copenhagen venues during the German occupation

The war that changed everything and nothing

It was all supposed to be over in a matter of weeks.

Nazi Execution Machine Uncovered

71 years ago, members of the German resistance group called the White Rose Group were arrested

Student life during WWII

Cambridge at the start of the Second World War.

RAF Molesworth’s Ground Launched Cruise Missiles – 25 Years On

The infrastructure built to support the ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM)

Crusade for Spitfires in Burma continues

Search for elusive Spitfires in Burma to continue

The Lost Spitfires of Burma – The anatomy of a legend

In January 2013 the World's media watched as a crack team of historians, archaeologists and geophysicists assembled by global game company, set out to solve the mystery of the lost squadron of Spitfires which, according to aviation enthusiast David Cundall, were buried by Allied Forces at airfields in Burma at the end of the Second World War.

Inside the Mind of Hitler

A secret report, previously unknown to historians, shows how British Intelligence was tracking Hitler’s growing preoccupation with “the enemy within” on the eve of the Final Solution.

Camouflage Technique From The Past Could Have Benefits In Modern Warfare

Understanding the techniques of the past in developing methods of camouflage, could make modern-day vehicles less vulnerable in the field of battle. 

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