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Study Reveals Upside Down Houses for the Dead in Stone Age Tomb

A study of the Maeshowe tomb by the University of the Highlands and Islands has suggested that the side chambers of the tomb are styled upside-down, as inverted netherworlds for the dead to pass on into the afterlife.

Remains of Christian Chalice Unearthed Near Hadrian’s Wall

Archaeologists conducting excavations at the Roman Fort of Vindolanda in Northumberland, England have uncovered 14 fragmentary remains of a chalice.

Bowl Depicting a Human Face with Horns Found in Ancient Settlement

A bowl depicting a human face with horns has been found inside a 7,000-year-old ancient dwelling, from the time of Poland’s first farmers.

Radiocarbon Dating and CT Scans Reveal Bronze Age Tradition of Keeping Human Remains

Using radiocarbon dating and CT scanning to study ancient bones, researchers have uncovered for the first time a Bronze Age tradition of retaining and curating human remains as relics over several generations.

Archaeologists Discover Single-Edged Sword, Spears & Relics from Ancient Cemetery

Archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Kraków have made several discoveries of spearheads, clasps for fastening clothes, a richly ornamented spindle, iron needles, and a single-edged sword whilst conducting excavations of a graveyard site in Bejsce, Poland.

Archaeology: Ceramic Cooking Pots Record History of Ancient Food Practices

Analysing three components of ceramic cooking pots -- charred remains, inner surface residues and lipids absorbed within the ceramic walls -- may help archaeologists uncover detailed timelines of culinary cooking practices used by ancient civilizations.

Atlantic Sturgeon in the King’s Pantry – Unique Discovery in Baltic Sea Wreck From 1495

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden can now reveal what the Danish King Hans had planned to offer when laying claim to the Swedish throne in 1495: a two-metre-long Atlantic sturgeon.

Viking Neighbourhood Found Near Istanbul

Archaeologists conducting a study for evidence of Vikings near the city of Istanbul (formerly the Byzantine capital of Constantinople) have suggested the discovery of a Viking neighbourhood.

New Neural Network Differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age Toolkits

MSA toolkits first appear some 300 thousand years ago, at the same time as the earliest fossils of Homo sapiens, and are still in use 30 thousand years ago.

Ancient Settlement Associated With Neolithic Roundel Discovered by Archaeologists

Archaeologists excavating near a Neolithic Roundel, previously discovered in 2015 have now discovered the remains of an ancient settlement nearby.

Ancient Animal Burials in Egypt Were Monkeys Imported as Pets from India

Remains of monkey burials in an ancient animal cemetery in the Red Sea port of Berenice in Egypt, were imported as pets from India 2000 years ago.

Vast Stone Monuments Constructed in Arabia 7,000 Years Ago

The last decade has seen rapid development in the archaeology of Saudi Arabia. Recent discoveries range from early hominin sites hundreds of thousands of years old to sites just a few hundred years old.