Inca quarries and road network found in Cañete

Archaeologists have discovered Inca quarries and a road network in Cerros de Quilmaná and Cerro Quinta Freno, in the province of Cañete, Peru.

Prison bakery for enslaved people found in Roman Pompeii

Archaeologists have uncovered a Prison bakery during recent excavations in Pompeii.

Archaeologists find 22 mummified burials in Peru

A Polish-Peruvian team of archaeologists have uncovered 22 mummified burials in Barranca, Peru.

Oldest prehistoric fortress found in remote Siberia

An international team, led by archaeologists from Freie Universität Berlin has uncovered an ancient prehistoric fortress in a remote region of Siberia known as Amnya.

Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2023

The field of archaeology has been continuously evolving in 2023, making significant strides in uncovering new historical findings, preserving cultural heritage, and employing innovative technologies to study the past.

Divers recover obsidian cores from Neolithic shipwreck

Underwater archaeologists from the Superintendency of the Metropolitan Area of Naples have recovered obsidian cores from the remains of a Neolithic shipwreck off the coast of Capri.

Archaeologists discover traces of ancient Jalula

According to a press announcement by Mr. Ali Obaid Shalgham from the Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH), archaeologists have discovered traces of the ancient city of Jalula.

Archaeologists find network of hidden megastructures using satellite imagery

Archaeologists have found a network of codependent communities in Central Europe – the largest prehistoric constructions seen prior to the Iron Age.

Archaeologists uncover over 2,000 seal impressions in ancient Doliche

A team of archaeologists from the Asia Minor Research Centre have uncovered over 2,000 seal impressions in ancient Doliche.

Radiocarbon dating reveals new insights into Tel Gezer

Archaeologists have conducted radiocarbon dating of Tel Gezer, one of the most important Bronze and Iron Age sites in Israel.

Phallus wind chime found at Roman Viminacium

Archaeologists excavating at Viminacium have uncovered a Roman phallus wind chime known as a tintinnabulum.

Retreating ice patches provide evidence of ancient obsidian mining

Archaeologists conducting surveys of retreating ice patches have found perishable artefacts associated with ancient mining activities.

Over 3,000 Roman coins found at Claternae

A group of Italian archaeologists have uncovered over 3,000 Roman coins at Claternae, located in the Italian municipality of Ozzano dell'Emilia.

Large mosaics unearthed at ancient Sadogora

According to a press announcement by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, archaeologists have unearthed mosaics covering an area of up to 600 square metres in the ancient site of Sadogora.

Over 100,000 ancient coins found in hidden cache

Archaeologists have uncovered over 100,000 ancient coins during excavations in Maebashi City, Japan.

4,000-year-old tomb may indicate how agriculture came to Western Norway

Archaeologists from the University of Bergen have uncovered a 4,000-year-old tomb, providing new answers on how agriculture came to Western Norway.

Sculpted head of serpent warrior found at Chichén Itzá

Archaeologists have found the sculpted head of a serpent warrior at Chichén Itzá during excavations of the Chichanchob.

Archaeologists search for missing persons from the October 7th massacre

A team of archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have been enlisted by the Israel Defence Force (IDF) to search for remains of missing persons from the 7th October massacre.

Giant prehistoric stone axe found in Arabian desert

According to a press statement by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, archaeologists have discovered a giant hand axe dating from the Palaeolithic period, approximately 200,000-years-ago.

Treasure hoard of American and Russian gold coins found in Polish forest

A team of metal detectorists from the Szczecin Search Group Association have uncovered a treasure hoard consisting of American dollars and Russian rubles in the forests near Szczecin, Poland.

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