The Heritage Magazine launches to a world-wide audience

The Heritage Magazine, a new publication by the team behind the popular HeritageDaily website has launched to a world-wide audience.

The Heritage Magazine is a bi-annual A4 premium publication, covering exciting topics from across our shared history and heritage.

Over 12,000 words covering exciting topics and travel features, such as the “Real Assassin’s Creed”, the “Fall of the Knights Templar” or the “Gladiatrix”.


The magazine has partnered with Peecho for the production and distribution of the printed publication. Peecho is the on-demand print solution that can reach customers worldwide through a global network of dedicated printers.


For the digital solution, the publication is available through the ISSUU book store interface or as a direct digital download.

Markus Milligan – Lead Editor at the Heritage Magazine and Managing Editor at HeritageDaily said: “Print publications are becoming fewer due to drops in subscription rates.


Personally, I’m not a fan of subscription models. Instead, we have created a premium high gloss magazine that is targeted to our primary readership with unique and exciting content.”

Issue 1 is now available to buy online – Find out more

Heritage Magazine


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