Uncovered London – Discovering the hidden history of London

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Uncovered London is the alternative guide for discovering secret London locations.

The application will take you far removed from the usual tourist clichés and reveal London’s hidden treasures. Tucked away in back-alleys, buried in soggy wet fields or deep underground on an interactive GPS enabled map, create your own hidden London walks and tours as

Discover secret places, from a 2000-year-old Roman fort, Victorian catacombs, an ossuary filled with human remains, abandoned railway stations and even the WW2 fortifications built to defend against Nazi Invasion.

secret london

The application, now available on iOS and Android is an ongoing project by local Historian Markus Milligan. Milligan said “The app uses global positioning to accurately display all the sites near a user. It shows results in chronological order or by historical period and will direct a user to each location by the nearest metre”

Listings cover London’s complex history from the Prehistoric, Iron Age, Roman, Saxon, Norman, Plantagenet, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Edwardian, WW1-WW2 and the Modern Era.

Uncovered London is the first phase of developing a citizen scientist platform for mapping historical sites on your doorstep. The next planned incarnation will allow users to upload their own mapping data on location and become active in revealing further forgotten landmarks and monuments. Find out more

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