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Archaeology of the Moon

Diarmaid Walshe
Future archaeologist might consider going to the Moon to excavate the lunar surface for the remains of past lunar missions. The lunar surface is strewn

Important Viking hoard highlights the continuing success of the Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme

The launch of the Treasure and Portable Antiquities Scheme reports today shows their continuing success. 157,188 finds were recorded in 2009 and 2010 (67,089 and

Cambridge gives Newton papers to the world

Isaac Newton’s own annotated copy of his Principia Mathematica is among his notebooks and manuscripts being made available online by Cambridge University Library.

The disappearance of the elephant caused the rise of modern man

Dietary change led to the appearance of modern humans in the Middle East 400,000 years ago, say TAU researchers Elephants have long been known to

Wessex Archaeology Help Injured Servicemen And Women

Staff in Wessex Archaeology's Salisbury office are taking part in a pilot project entitled 'Operation Nightingale' to explore the potential of using archaeology as a