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50,000-year-old stone tools were made by monkeys

50,000-year-old stone tools found in Pedra Furada, located in the state of Piauí in north-eastern Brazil were made by monkeys.

Archaeologists to excavate the ancient Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam, refers to a number of rock-cut pools on the southern slope of the Wadi Hilweh, located outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem at the southern end of the City of David.

Heads of several Greek gods found during excavations at Aizanoi

Archaeologists from the Kütahya Dumlupınar University have uncovered the heads of several Greek gods during excavations at ancient Aizanoi, located in present-day Çavdarhisar, Turkey.

New discoveries could help confirm Uşaklı Höyük as the lost Hittite city of Zippalanda

Archaeologists from the University of Pisa have been excavating at Uşaklı Höyük, an important Hittite site in the Yozgat Province of Turkey.

New findings at Temple of Khnum in Egypt

Archaeologists from an Egyptian archaeological mission, excavating at the Temple of Khnum in Esna, Egypt, have uncovered new remains from different historical periods.

Giant hall from Viking Harald Bluetooth’s reign discovered

Archaeologists have uncovered a giant hall from the reign of Harald Bluetooth, the King of Denmark and Norway from AD 958 – 986.