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Seagrass, protector of shipwrecks and buried treasure

For more than 6,000 years, seagrass meadows in Australia’s coastal waters have been acting as security vaults for priceless cultural heritage.

German Fleet Salvage Sites Project Nears Completion in Scapa Flow, Orkney

The wrecks of the First World War German High Seas Fleet that lie on the seabed in Scapa Flow, Orkney are famous throughout the world as a diving and archaeological resource.

World’s ‘Oldest Intact Shipwreck’ found in Black Sea

A Greek merchant ship dating back more than 2,400 years has been found off the Bulgarian coast in the Black Sea.

Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War Interactive map

The Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War interactive map connects you to research, images, documents, 3D models and videos about 1100+ WWI shipwrecks and archaeological sites off the south coast of England.

Using new technology to find shipwrecks on the ocean floor

Throughout the centuries ships have weathered wars, storms, icebergs, and pirates, to name a few. Many ships have been lost in the face of these forces and gone down with all hands.

World Wars contaminated sites in the North and the Baltic Sea

Millions of tons of old ordnance and poison gas grenades lie at the bottom of the North and the Baltic Sea – dangerous legacies of two world wars.

What the 16th-century shipwreck found on the Kent coast can tell us about trade in Tudor England

The recent discovery of a well preserved early modern shipwreck in the mudflats of Tankerton Beach near Whitstable, Kent, is a highly significant archaeological find.

A shipwreck and an 800-year-old ‘made in China’ label reveal lost history

Centuries ago, a ship sank in the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia. The wooden hull disintegrated over time, leaving only a treasure trove of cargo. The ship had been carrying thousands of ceramics and luxury goods for trade, and they remained on the ocean floor until the 1980s when the wreck was discovered by fishermen.

Rare German U-boat found in Skagerrak

Sea War Museum Jutland in Thyborøn, Denmark has made a new sensational discovery during its continued registration of shipwrecks in the North Sea and in the Skagerrak.