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Kumamoto Castle: Repeated Damage Due to Natural Disasters and the Repairs Performed

Two major earthquake occurred sequentially on April 14th and 16th, 2016 which caused significant damage across the Kumamoto region. Kumamoto Castle, the symbol of Kumamoto, suffered serious damage including the collapse of stone walls, damage to several small turret towers, and damage to the main castle tower.

Melting ice sheet could expose frozen Cold War-era hazardous waste

Climate change is threatening to expose hazardous waste at an abandoned camp thought to be buried forever in the Greenland Ice Sheet, new research out of York University has found.

Elizabeth I, the Spanish Armada and the art of painting politics

After what the Heritage Lottery Fund has described as one of the most successful funding campaigns ever, one of three versions of the 1590 “Armada portrait” has been acquired by the Art Fund for £10.3m.

Was it all Greek to the Elizabethans?

What would the Elizabethans actually have made of Shakespeare’s language?

First World War submarine wreck sites protected

British and German submarines from the First World War have been made Protected Historic Wreck Sites.

Ancient temples in the Himalaya reveal signs of past earthquakes

Tilted pillars, cracked steps, and sliding stone canopies in a number of 7th-century A.D. temples in northwest India are among the telltale signs that...

Researchers discover how rope was made 40,000 years ago

Rope and twine are critical components in the technology of mobile hunters and gatherers. In exceptional cases impressions of string have been found in fired clay and on rare occasions string was depicted in the contexts of Ice Age art, but on the whole almost nothing is known about string, rope and textiles form the Paleolithic.

Secrets of the Delphic Oracle and how it speaks to us today

Imagine a place to go in times of doubt and uncertainty, where one can find out what to do and what to avoid, straight from a reliable source. A place where all questions have tangible answers and all problems a solution.

Smuggled diplomatic diaries from dawn of Cold War to be made freely available online 70 years on

An extraordinary collection of diplomatic diaries smuggled from Moscow to Paris as Communism swept across the East almost 70 years ago will be digitized and made freely available online for the first time.7.

The Medieval Somme: forgotten battle that was the bloodiest fought on British soil

A Battle of the Somme on British soil? It happened on Palm Sunday, 1461: a day of fierce fighting in the mud that felled...

American creationism isn’t going anywhere – a life-size Noah’s Ark proves it

In the early 1980s, the US’s religious right seemed an unstoppable behemoth in terms of political clout. The Moral Majority, Focus on the Family, and other groups came to dominate public policy discussions by mobilising large groups of conservative Christians into a formidable force.

Scientists use mass spectrometry to ‘look inside’ an ancient Greek amphora

Russian scientists have identified the components of the oldest bitumen sample to be found in an ancient vase and made an accurate estimate of its age.