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In Buckinghamshire, England is a network of tunnels that important 18th century aristocrats met to carry out mock-pagan rituals and orgies.

The tunnels, named today the Hellfire Caves or West Wycombe Caves are a network of man-made tunnels stretching up to 500 metres into the southern edge of the Chiltern Hills near High Wycombe in England.

HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen evaded Japanese bombers in WWII by disguising itself as an island

To escape detection by Japanese aircraft (which the minesweeper did not have the armament to defend effectively against), the ship was heavily camouflaged with jungle foliage, giving the impression of a small island.

In London is a park dedicated to the otherwise forgotten heroic acts of self sacrifice

In 1900, the park became the location for George Frederic Watts’s Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, a memorial to ordinary people who died while saving the lives of others and who might otherwise be forgotten, in the form of a loggia and long wall housing ceramic memorial tablets.

The Romans created a tax on urine

Vespasian imposed a Urine Tax (Latin: vectigal urinae) on the distribution of urine from public urinals in Rome's Cloaca Maxima (great sewer) system.

Alderney lays claim to having the best-preserved small Roman fort in Britain

An overgrown site on Alderney was only in the last decade found to be one of the best-preserved Roman military structures in Britain.

London was once home to an ancient Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Isis

Evidence for a temple dedicated to the goddess Isis was revealed by graffiti on a 1st century flagon unearthed in Tooley Street, Southwark which read "LONDINI AD FANVM ISIDIS" - translated as "To London at the temple of Isis".

There are at least two runic Viking inscriptions in Hagia Sophia’s marble parapets in Istanbul

They may have been engraved by members of the Varangian Guard who were an elite unit of the Byzantine Army, from the 10th to the 14th centuries, whose members served as personal bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperors.

The remains of the only visible WW1 German U-Boat wreck in the UK

The U-Boat was confiscated at the end of the Great War and was taken up the River Medway along with 25 other U-Boats to be scrapped on the Kent Coast in 1921.

If you linked together all the Inca roads it would almost wrap around the circumference of our entire planet.

The Inca road system was the most extensive and advanced transportation system in pre-Columbian South America.