HeritageDaily reaches a milestone in publishing

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HeritageDaily has reached a new milestone today with this posting being our 3000th article, so we thought we’d have a change from all those muddy trowels, fossils, mega-fauna and hominid species to look back on our own history in celebration.

Despite perceptions, there isn’t a massive editorial team here, we have no office, we don’t even have a vending machine kicking out caffeine fuelled drinks and high end sugar snacks! The honest truth, is that HeritageDaily is just me *waves* working from one battered old laptop with a missing “E” key in my spare time.

Often I run the platform from the dining room table or a greasy spoon in Chiswick that serves a gorgeous egg, bacon and sausage bap! (With brown sauce if you must know)

I often chuckle, when the inbox contains requests from Universities for student placements in our “office”, TV & radio asking for our opinion on political matters, or the enquiries from professional journalists asking for our rates in commissioning them along with other publications they write for such as National Geographic and the HuffPost.

Chronology of the websites many incarnations:

I launched HeritageDaily back on the 19/03/2011 as a small blog containing press releases or articles written by myself, friends and colleagues within the archaeology profession. Gradually it gained momentum and a loyal following that remains to this day.

Like many of you, I studied archaeology at University, in addition to doing a Bsc in Computer Science. I discovered early on that archaeology was a highly competitive profession with limited opportunities in terms of career progression and advancement. That being said, my direction in life took me towards the digital world in tech and web.

My way of keeping the foot in the archaeology door was to publish my own magazine, keeping myself and others informed on the latest discoveries and research across the globe with the type of online publication I would enjoy reading.

At times its been hard to maintain, running a large editorial platform alongside my main job (working full time in the tech sector) can truly test your commitment through the sacrifices you make in your social life, time and the money to cover expensive hosting and running costs without any major financial reward.

But despite all that, the pleasure I get from seeing such an energised social community (125K on facebook) behind HeritageDaily and the hundreds of thousands of visitors a month to the website makes it truly a gift to manage.. something i’ll never see as a burden.

So here’s a great big thanks to all the readers, contributors and family who have helped this fledgling blog, become a recognised brand and publisher in the heritage sector.



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