Possible ancient sanctuary of Nectanebo I and temple of Ramses II discovered in Matariya Egypt

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The Egyptian-German Archaeological Mission to Matariya has discovered new evidence for a sanctuary of Nektanebo I (380-363 BC) in the temple precinct of Heliopolis.

Nectanebo was an army general from Sebennytos who became Pharaoh and founder of the last native dynasty of Egypt, the thirtieth. Nectanebo was a great builder and restorer, to an extent not seen in Egypt for centuries.

The mission has discovered a number of blocks that has enabled them to visualise the layout of the ancient structure.

Credit : Ministry of Antiquities
Credit : Ministry of Antiquities

The original building was built of limestone reliefs and columns, with lower wall zones made in black basalt.

An eastern gate was constructed of brown silicified sandstone and decorated with inscriptions and ritual scenes.
Sculptor’s practice blocks and a bronze figurine of the goddess Bastet were found adjacent to the sanctuary as well as inscriptions

Researchers from the University of Leipzig/Germany have also uncovered a workshop dating from the 4th century BC in the south-east of the temple precinct as well as a new possible temple site of Ramses II, evident by fragments of a colossal statuary and large blocks with wall relief.



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