Alderney lays claim to having the best-preserved small Roman fort in Britain

An overgrown site on Alderney was only in the last decade found to be one of the best-preserved Roman military structures in Britain.

Local islanders had long suspected that the fort, named the “Nunnery” dated back to Roman times, but a research project in 2009 finally discovered the truth about the sites ancient past.

Located at the western end of Longis beach the small fort, once known as Les Murs de Bas, or Lower Fort, resembles the Roman signal-station forts on the Yorkshire coast.


The Alderney fort was constructed around AD350 to defend the anchorage and harbour at Longis Bay, and the nearby Roman settlement.

In medieval times it was a fort and barracks, and later the governor’s residence, a farm, a German barracks during World War II, British military accommodation and holiday homes.

The site has been extensively built on, but excavations proving the forts Roman origins has made the site of international historical interest and a claim to the title of Britain’s best preserved small Roman Fort.




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Markus Milligan
Markus Milligan
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