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Amenhotep III Statue found in raid in Edfu

The Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt has announced that a statue of the 18th Dynasty King, “Amenhotep III” has been discovered during a house raid in al Nakhl Edfu.

The statue was uncovered by the General Prosecutors Office whilst investigating the house of a local drugs and arms dealer. Upon its discovery, an archaeological committee was formed immediately to examine the statue and authenticate it.

Antiquities Minister Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty has ordered that the statue be transferred temporarily to the museum store in Edfu. The statue will undergo restoration and conservation works before eventually being showcased in one of Egypt’s museums.

Commenting on the statue itself, Nasr Salama, General Manager of the “Aswan archaeological area” said that “it is made of black granite and very well preserved.

The statue’s height is 150cm long and it represents King Amenhotep III standing whilst wearing a short skirt and “Nemes” (head and neck cover) forwarding his left leg, in the traditional position of kings in Ancient Egypt.


The statue also carries a number of important inscriptions at the center of the waist belt, behind the back and on the base representing the names and titles of the great King.”



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