Credit: WHOI
19 Jul 2015

Centuries-old shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast

Scanning sonar from a scientific expedition has revealed the remains of a previously unknown shipwreck more than a mile deep off the North Carolina coast. Artifacts on the wreck indicate it might date to the American Revolution.

17 Jul 2015

Geophysical Survey to ascertain the location of mass grave of Spanish Armada victims in Spanish Point, Co. Clare.

On 20 September 1588, two great ships of the Spanish Armada wrecked on the west coast of County Clare. In total, approximately 7-800 men perished in the stormy waters of the Mal Bay between Doonbeg and Spanish Point.

19 Feb 2015

Historic tide gauge data to shed light on ancient tsunamis

By restoring historic tide gauge data from Malta and making it available to the public, researchers at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the UKHO hope to shed new light on past tsunamis and climate change in the Mediterranean.

07 Dec 2014

HURL and NOAA team discover intact ‘ghost ship’ off Hawaii

Researchers from the University of Hawai’i (UH) and NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries today announced the discovery of an intact “ghost ship” in 2,000 feet of water nearly 20 miles off the coast of Oahu.

13 Nov 2014

New Research Focuses TIGHAR’s Underwater Search for Earhart Plane

Increasing confidence that a piece of aluminum aircraft debris found on a remote, uninhabited South Pacific atoll came from Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra has bolstered speculation that a sonar anomaly detected at a depth of 600 feet off the west end of the island is the lost aircraft.

16 May 2014

Divers guilty of raiding shipwrecks without declaring their finds

Two divers from Kent have today pleaded guilty to not declaring valuable items from shipwrecks off the UK coast.

30 Apr 2014

Prehistoric caribou hunting structure discovered beneath Lake Huron

Underwater archaeologists have discovered evidence of prehistoric caribou hunts that provide unprecedented insight into the social and seasonal organization of early peoples in the Great Lakes region.

18 Mar 2014

Stanford professor looks underwater for history of the Roman Empire

Using archeological evidence from shipwrecks and harbors, classics scholar Justin Leidwanger uncovers the story of economic networks during a millennium of classical antiquity.

10 Mar 2014

Sulphur Haunts the Ghost wreck

Sulphur and iron accumulation has once again been found in wood samples from old shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. This time the samples are from the merchant vessel Ghost wreck and the warships Sword and the Crown.

10 Mar 2014

First animals oxygenated the ocean, study suggests

The evolution of the first animals may have oxygenated the earth’s oceans – contrary to the traditional view that a rise in oxygen triggered their development.

26 Jan 2014

Ferocious weather is putting UK maritime history at risk

Maritime Archaeology Trust, is concerned that the damage to our local heritage could be irreparable.

29 Nov 2013

Controversy over the use of Roman ingots to investigate dark matter and neutrinos

Lead bricks from ancient shipwrecks ideal for experiments in particle physics.

12 Nov 2013

Ancient naval battle site ‘rammed’ with relics of war

A naval battle took place between the Romans and their archenemies the Carthaginians

15 Sep 2013

First magnetometer e​xpedition over wreck​s of USS Scourge (Lo​rd Nelson) and USS H​amilton

Sailing out of Ontario’s historic Port Dalhousie on a glorious late June morning the tree lined shoreline of western Lake Ontario must have looked almost the same the morning of August 8, 1813 just hours after two United States Navy warships, USS Hamilton and British-built USS Scourge, slipped beneath the lake’s surface into its cold, dark waters taking 53 sailors to their watery graves, casualties of the War of 1812.

28 Aug 2013

19th century U.S. Coast Survey steamer wreck identified by archaeologists

More than 153 years after it was lost in a violent collision at sea, government and university maritime archaeologists have identified the wreck of the ship Robert J. Walker, a steamer that served in the U.S. Coast Survey, a predecessor agency of NOAA.

SCW - rudder (close up)
19 Aug 2013

Rudder raised from seabed after 400 years by marine archaeologists

The 17th century Swash Channel Wreck raised today by marine archaeologists from Bournemouth University

26 Jul 2013

Texas State excavates centuries-old Gulf of Mexico shipwreck

Researchers from The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University, in partnership with the Ocean Exploration Trust, are excavating a rare shipwreck off the Texas coast that could date back nearly 200 years.

17 May 2013

The Crown Estate renews £60K funding pledge to support seabed heritage

An archaeological reporting scheme which helps the marine aggregate industry report historical finds from the seabed will benefit from a renewed funding deal between The Crown Estate and the British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA).

10 May 2013

Secret streets of Britain’s Atlantis are revealed

A University of Southampton professor has carried out the most detailed analysis ever of the archaeological remains of the lost medieval town of Dunwich, dubbed ‘Britain’s Atlantis’.

07 Jan 2013

World’s oldest shipwreck reveals incredible cargo

Accidentally discovered by a Turkish sponge diver in 1982, the remains of the 3,300-year-old Uluburun shipwreck lie 10km off the coast of southern Turkey.

29 Nov 2012

URI, IAA archaeologists discover shipwrecks, ancient harbor on coast of Israel

A team of archaeologists from the University of Rhode Island, the Israel Antiquities Authority, and the University of Louisville have discovered the remains of a fleet of early-19th century ships and ancient harbor structures from the Hellenistic period (third to first century B.C.) at the city of Akko, one of the major ancient ports of the eastern Mediterranean.

26 Nov 2012

Sanctuary and Volunteer Maritime Heritage Divers Confirm Identity of Key Largo Shipwreck

NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries has identified the remains of an early 20th century shipwreck in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to be those of the British steamship Hannah M. Bell.