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Sulphur Haunts the Ghost wreck

Sulphur and iron accumulation has once again been found in wood samples from old shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. This time the samples are from the merchant vessel Ghost wreck and the warships Sword and the Crown.


First magnetometer e​xpedition over wreck​s of USS Scourge (Lo​rd Nelson) and USS H​amilton

Sailing out of Ontario’s historic Port Dalhousie on a glorious late June morning the tree lined shoreline of western Lake Ontario must have looked almost the same the morning of August 8, 1813 just hours after two United States Navy warships, USS Hamilton and British-built USS Scourge, slipped beneath the lake’s surface into its cold, dark waters taking 53 sailors to their watery graves, casualties of the War of 1812.


Texas State excavates centuries-old Gulf of Mexico shipwreck

Researchers from The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University, in partnership with the Ocean Exploration Trust, are excavating a rare shipwreck off the Texas coast that could date back nearly 200 years.


Secret streets of Britain’s Atlantis are revealed

A University of Southampton professor has carried out the most detailed analysis ever of the archaeological remains of the lost medieval town of Dunwich, dubbed ‘Britain’s Atlantis’.


URI, IAA archaeologists discover shipwrecks, ancient harbor on coast of Israel

A team of archaeologists from the University of Rhode Island, the Israel Antiquities Authority, and the University of Louisville have discovered the remains of a fleet of early-19th century ships and ancient harbor structures from the Hellenistic period (third to first century B.C.) at the city of Akko, one of the major ancient ports of the eastern Mediterranean.


Sanyo Maru pearling ship to be explored

The wreck of a rare Japanese pearling mother ship off the Northern Territory coast is currently being explored in the northern territories Australia.


Nourishment in the Swedish naval fleet 1500-1800

During the period 1500-1800 the foodstuff in the Swedish naval fleet can be divided into the following categories; bread, meat and meat products, fish, dairy products, cereals, peas, vegetables and beverages. The consumption of these provisions (except for cereals, peas and vegetables) was at its highest level during the 16th century, which declined in the following centuries. Rations of cereals, peas and vegetables increased by 200 percent from the 16th century to the 18th century.

Odyssey Explorer deploying equipment over the HMS Victory site Copyright Astrid Harrisson 2012

Possible new restrictions on Victory Salvage

Ministers are considering placing further restrictions on Odyssey Marine Exploration and the Maritime Heritage Foundation as pressure builds on the Cameron Government to stop the Banks and Hedge Fund investors backing Odyssey profiting from the grave and property of lost Royal Navy sailors.

House of Commons

All Change (Almost) as unknown Maria Miller goes to DCMS

The New Culture Minister will be defined by her attitude to Cuts, HMS Victory 1744 and the Proposed relaxation of planning laws says Andy Brockman in this analysis of today’s surprise appointment of new Culture Minister Maria Miller to David Cameron’s Cabinet.