With 117 houses planned on fields nearby, has the ‘Stonehenge of the Iron Age’ drawn the short straw in Shropshire’s housing rush?  Photo: HOOOH
24 Sep 2015

Campaigners dumbfounded by double standards over Shropshire hillfort sites

A campaign group has accused authorities of staggering double standards over development affecting Shropshire’s historic landscape.

Image Credit : Google Earth
30 Jul 2015

Legal expert makes fact-finding visit to threatened hillfort

A specialist planning lawyer has met with campaigners to discuss the prospect of legal action against development affecting the setting of Old Oswestry hillfort. The meeting comes as Shropshire’s local plan, known as SAMDev, nears the end of its examination by Inspector Claire Sherratt. The plan includes a large housing

30 Sep 2014

Council blind spot over hillfort housing jeopardises county plan, warn campaigners

Shropshire Council is gambling with public money and elector confidence by keeping housing allocations by Old Oswestry hillfort in its development masterplan, say campaigners.

19 May 2014

Culture Secretary appoints Commissioners to English Heritage

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid MP has appointed 7 new Commissioners with effect from 1 June 2014.

11 Feb 2014

Migration: Britain’s hospitable past

In the midst of current controversies over immigration law and policy.

01 Feb 2014

Free-for-all building threat to National Park

Severe blow if changes to planning laws are introduced.

01 Feb 2014

Raining cats and dogs – running for power in the past

Modern politicians may feel they have it tough – but they should thank their lucky stars.

29 Jan 2014

Culture Minister prevents Cabinet from leaving the UK

Export bar placed on an exquisite French Empire medal cabinet.

22 Jan 2014

Directive from history drives discrimination against Christians in the Middle East

Christian’s experiencing discrimination driven by a directive issued over 1300 years ago.

21 Jan 2014

Nazi Execution Machine Uncovered

71 years ago, members of the German resistance group called the White Rose Group were arrested

08 Jan 2014

Black Power in Britain becoming “forgotten history”

Britain’s little-known Black Power movement

The ruins of Rhodiapolis:  Image  Emre Kızılkaya
01 Nov 2013

High Taxes Were Always A Problem, So What’s New?

Inscriptions tell us that people have always complained about the high taxes

28 Aug 2013

Does economy affect religion? Does religion affect economy?

Religion and social economy don’t outwardly appear to be related. However each can affect the other in context, form and intensity.

23 Aug 2013

Is English Heritage being turned into a government development agency?

Observers of the politics of culture and heritage are asking why there has been such a muted response to the publication of the new English Heritage “Improvement Plan for Planning Services” when the consequences of the new relationships and priorities set out in the document could be so far reaching.

17 May 2013

Possessing the Past: The use and abuse of archaeology in building nation-states

Historical artefacts can be used as a powerful tool to reinforce group identity and forge a nation-state, but their use can have adverse consequences such as the oppression of minorities.

17 May 2013

The Crown Estate renews £60K funding pledge to support seabed heritage

An archaeological reporting scheme which helps the marine aggregate industry report historical finds from the seabed will benefit from a renewed funding deal between The Crown Estate and the British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA).

21 Apr 2013

Margaret Thatcher’s Legacy To Archaeology Undone By Her Heirs

The Government of Margaret Thatcher played a crucial, if unwitting, role in the development of modern UK Archaeology. Yet as former UK Prime Minister is buried in London her Conservative heirs in the governing coalition are busy undoing her Government’s system for protecting archaeology and the environment in the planning process. Andy Brockman reflects on this unexpected legacy.

David Cameron : Wiki Commons
25 Mar 2012

David Cameron, Cash for Acess and the Planning Lobby

The new planning rules are now irrevocably tainted by the suggestion of cash for access and must be withdrawn….