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Historic landscapes of Transylvania Romania - Brian Curran

Transforming the rural fabric of the Carpathian Villages in Romania

The villages of Romania, particularly those in Southern Saxon Transylvania, are a unique survival. These villages, the hay meadows and the forests which surround them are a last outpost of a central European Medieval landscape, forming a vast and extraordinary ensemble stretching for 100 miles from East to West, and about 60 miles from North to South.


Q&A: how archives make history

The early modern period (1500-1800) saw a surge in the keeping of records. A conference later this week (9-10 April 2014) at the British Academy…

Image Credit : Stuart Herbert

10 must see castles in Wales

Castles have played an important military, economic and social role in Great Britain and Ireland since their introduction following the Norman invasion of England in 1066.


What 19th-century women really did

Sophie McGeevor (Faculty of History at Cambridge University) explains how her research into a collection of autobiographies by working class women is helping to fill a gap in our knowledge of the occupational structure of 19th century Britain.


Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change

From the Statue of Liberty in New York to the Tower of London or the Sydney Opera House — sea-level rise not only affects settlement areas for large parts of the world population but also numerous sites of the UNESCO World Heritage.


The Nazi Olympics

The Olympics of 1936, officially called the Games of XI Olympiad took place in Berlin, Germany after winning the bid to host the games in 1931.


UN experts find ‘serious damage’ by extremists to cultural sites in Mali

Some 90 per cent of the 11th century archaeological site of Gao Saneye in northern Mali was pillaged by Islamic extremists during their seizure of the region in 2012, traditional musical instruments and costumes were destroyed, and a World Heritage site mosque needs urgent repairs, United Nations cultural officials told Heritage Daily today.


Unknown Comedia by Lope de Vega Discovered

Alejandro García Reidy, researcher of the PROLOPE Group of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Assistant Professor at Syracuse University, has discovered a manuscript copy of Mujeres y criados (Women and Servants) in the Spanish National Library.