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What 19th-century women really did

Sophie McGeevor (Faculty of History at Cambridge University) explains how her research into a collection of autobiographies by working class women is helping to fill a gap in our knowledge of the occupational structure of 19th century Britain.


The Nazi Olympics

The Olympics of 1936, officially called the Games of XI Olympiad took place in Berlin, Germany after winning the bid to host the games in 1931.

Landfill Sites

The Archaeology of the Future, Part 2

. Great works of art and literature are likely to survive for a fair amount of time through replication or conservation, whether or not they are stored digitally. But there are limits to physical preservation, and the destruction of intentionally conserved records tends to be down to human, rather than natural processes.

KEO Satellite

The Archaeology of the Future, Part 1

How will our descendants in the very distant future view us, assuming they exist? Will they have a better understanding of us than we do of, say, the Romans? Or will differential preservation lead them to think we lived in a mad world full of glazed china figurine shrines, toilet bowls as status symbols, and the ritual deposition of jewellery in sinks?


Debate still rages over date of Thera eruption

During the height of the Greek Bronze Age, a volcano erupted on the ancient Greek island of Thera (modern Santorini). The violent eruption sent six times more magma and rock into the Earth’s atmosphere than the notorious Krakatoa eruption in 1883. Robyn Antanovskii


Examples of food and beverage in 17th century Sweden

This article deals with the information that can be drawn from historical written sources regarding food in a special geographic area and time period. Sweden stands as an example and the time period is the seventeenth century when Sweden started to raise to power in the Baltic area.


When Israel flew Nazi Planes

Just how did the post-war Israeli air force end up equipping its first fighter squadrons with the famous Nazi warplane the Me-109s?


Is English Heritage being turned into a government development agency?

Observers of the politics of culture and heritage are asking why there has been such a muted response to the publication of the new English Heritage “Improvement Plan for Planning Services” when the consequences of the new relationships and priorities set out in the document could be so far reaching.

Paintings from the Chauvet cave (museum replica)

Chauvet Cave

It has been almost two decades since the Chauvet Cave was discovered, revealing some of the most beautiful and important Palaeolithic art in the world; across its walls danced paintings of mammoths, lions, panthers and woolly rhinoceroses dating as far back as 35,000BCE. Written by Amy Quinn