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The Nazi Olympics

The Olympics of 1936, officially called the Games of XI Olympiad took place in Berlin, Germany after winning the bid to host the games in 1931.


150 years since attack on Rangiaowhia in the NZ Wars

Friday 21 February represents 150 years since an attack on the village of Rangiaowhia in the Waikato War (1863–1864). The events that unfolded at the small settlement near TeAwamutu are still debated by historians and the descendants of Ngāti Apakura.


The long shadow of World War II

World War II ravaged much of Europe, and its long-term effects are still being felt. A new survey shows that elderly people who experienced the war as children are more likely to suffer from diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease.


When Israel flew Nazi Planes

Just how did the post-war Israeli air force end up equipping its first fighter squadrons with the famous Nazi warplane the Me-109s?


The Lost Spitfires of Burma – The anatomy of a legend

In January 2013 the World’s media watched as a crack team of historians, archaeologists and geophysicists assembled by global game company, set out to solve the mystery of the lost squadron of Spitfires which, according to aviation enthusiast David Cundall, were buried by Allied Forces at airfields in Burma at the end of the Second World War.


Nazi Weather Station Kurt

When you think of Northern Labrador, the images that come to mind for most people are of snow and ice covered rugged mountains, or Caribou or perhaps Polar Bears.

Adolf Hitler : Wiki Commons

Inside the Mind of Hitler

A secret report, previously unknown to historians, shows how British Intelligence was tracking Hitler’s growing preoccupation with “the enemy within” on the eve of the Final Solution.