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Diarmaid is an archaeology graduate from the University of Sussex (MA) as well as being a qualified teacher. He is currently undertaking PHD research on the origins and development of Grog tempered Roman pottery within the area of Kent and Sussex.

The Ancient City Of Ayutthaya

It is the year 1767. Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States of America is born in what is then the British Colony of South Carolina.


UN experts find ‘serious damage’ by extremists to cultural sites in Mali

Some 90 per cent of the 11th century archaeological site of Gao Saneye in northern Mali was pillaged by Islamic extremists during their seizure of the region in 2012, traditional musical instruments and costumes were destroyed, and a World Heritage site mosque needs urgent repairs, United Nations cultural officials told Heritage Daily today.


When Israel flew Nazi Planes

Just how did the post-war Israeli air force end up equipping its first fighter squadrons with the famous Nazi warplane the Me-109s?


Barack Obama’s Irish Ancestor Book For Sale

Heritage Daily has learnt that a book written in Latin that once belonged to Barack Obama’s Irish ancestor, is to go on sale in Dublin by Whyte’s fine art auctioneers in Dublin on January 26th.

Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan on the lunar surface:  Image NASA

Archaeology of the Moon

Future archaeologist might consider going to the Moon to excavate the lunar surface for the remains of past lunar missions. The lunar surface is strewn with hundreds of items, from spacecraft, containers of urine, flags, footprints, personal items and finally plaques.

Tower of LondonTower of London

Was Anne Boleyn buried in the Tower of London?

Anne Boleyn, Queen of England and second wife of Henry VIII was executed within the grounds of the Tower of London. Her crime was a trumpeted up charge of adultery with two men of the court, and incest with her brother. The real reason for her execution was to remove Anne, who was an obstacle to Henry remarrying and having an heir.


Cromwell – The siege of Clonmel

When history looks back on the career of Oliver Cromwell we see on a man who is famed for genius as a statesman, general and administrator. However is this an accurate reflection or a rose colored Victorian view of a man who they transformed from villain to hero.

Sutton Hoo Hanging Bowl : Image Source : Wiki Commons

Heard About The Irish Man, A Brooch, A Bowl And A Carved Stone?

What do a 7th century Irish brooch, a hanging bowl from the Sutton Hoo ship burial, a carved stone in Donegal, Ireland and a Marigold have in common? The answer is an unknown Irish craftsman who was in his time international famous.