HeritageDaily is an independent online archaeology magazine, dedicated to the heritage and history of the world. We identified the need for a central resource offering the latest archaeological/palaeontological news, journals, articles and press releases.

Our contributors range from students currently studying archaeology at University, professional academics working in the field, historians and those with an interest in the archaeological discipline. We accept stories from anyone wishing to contribute and publish their material on a leading editorial platform.

HeritageDaily is staffed by a volunteer team of archaeologists, corresponding from all corners of the world. Staff are based in Norway, the United States, Egypt, Australia and with our main editorial team based in the United Kingdom London.



Managing Editor – Markus Milligan

(United Kingdom) Markus is a UK based Digital Archaeologist and the site owner of HeritageDaily. Post-Grad from the University of Birmingham in practical archaeology and studies in computer science/artificial neural networks.

His journalistic background stems from working in global publications such as the Al Majalla, Arab News, Asharq Alawsat, in addition to more localized UK based magazines. Markus is also a Director of a digital media agency in London.



Managing Editor – Jim Mower

(United Kingdom) Jim Mower is an archaeologist and television producer. He has worked on numerous history and archaeology programmes for Discovery, National Geographic, Channel 4 and Channel 5. As a producer on the Channel 4 series Time Team Jim has developed a wide network of international contacts in media and heritage sectors.

Jim believes passionately in the importance of collaboration between science and the media and in the communication of archaeology and history to the widest possible audience.

Regular Contributors

Fredrik Larsson

(Sweden) is 26 years old and currently works as an archaeologist in Sweden. Fredrik specialises in applying technology to archaeology. Fredrik studied at Lunds University where he completed a Master’s degree in archaeology and a Bachelor degree in Historical Archaeology, focusing mainly on Scandinavia during Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Middle Ages.

Paddy Lambert

(United Kingdom) is a student of archaeology and a regular contributor to Heritage Daily. Paddy has excavated sites within the UK and France where he supervises and teaches archaeology to the general public as part of an outreach project to raise awareness of the discipline.

Julie (Robinson) St. Jean

(United States) is a Zooarchaeology Consultant based just outside of New York City, USA. Julie’s geographic experience includes excavating in Southern England, Southwest USA, Northeast and mid-Atlantic USA as well as analyzing faunal assemblages from Post-Medieval Scotland, Roman England and Medieval Italy.

Sue Carter

Sue Carter is an archaeologist in Western Australia and founder of the webpage. Sue’s passion lies in fortified sites, especially hillforts, and researching prehistory in both Australia and Britain. Having spent time in the Pilbara region of Western Australia recording Indigenous sites, Sue is keen to see that Australia’s prehistory is recorded, saved and the knowledge shared, to improve the understanding of Sahul’s settlement thousands of years ago.

Marc Barkman Astles

(United Kingdom) graduated with a First Class BA (hons) in Archaeology from Durham University. Since then, he has worked for Archaeology departments in North Wales, York and Newcastle. Originally from North Wales, he now lives and works in the North East of England. Marc produces the videos for the channel Archaeosoup.

Ashleigh Murszewski

(Australia) Ashleigh is an archaeology student from the University of Western Australia. As one of the youngest members of the Heritage Daily team,  her articles show a maturity beyond her age and a future within the archaeological profession to watch closely.

Charles T G Clarke

Charles T. G. Clarke was born and raised in the county of Longford, in the Republic of Ireland. He pursued academia, studying a B.Sc. in Applied Archaeology, Institute of Technology Sligo, in the west of Ireland. He is now currently completing a M.Sc. in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

Andy Brockman

Andy Brockman is director of Operations Room Archaeology [the Op’s Room] and the Digging Dad’s Army Project and is a specialist in the Archaeology of Modern Conflict. He has a particular interest in community based projects which involve research into archaeology within living memory and supports Operation Nightingale, a British Army initiative to use archaeology to help rehabilitate injured servicemen and women.

Ulrica Söderlind

Ulrica Söderlind

Ulrica Söderlind is born and raised in Sandviken, Sweden and since 1990 she is living in Stockholm. She received her high school education at different culinary schools and has worked in the industry both in the Swedish merchant fleet and on land. Her latest employment before starting at the university was in the so called Nobel kitchen at Stockholm City Hall.

Today she holds a master degree in maritime archaeology and a PhD degree in economic-history and her research is in the field of food and beverage and the research is interdisiplinary. She is currenlty affiliated to the department of economic-history at Stockholm University and she is also an associated researcher to Institute of Nautical archaeology (INA) and to the research institute MARIS at Södertörn University, Sweden.


Robyn Antanovskii

Robyn Antanovskii is a journalist with a degree in ancient history. She keeps a number of blogs, including one on archaeology:worldarchaeologynews.blogspot.com and she is on Twitter: @robynant

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