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Boudicca’s Burial Discovered at Kings Cross

April 1st, 2014 | by archaeologynews
Boudicca’s Burial Discovered at Kings Cross
Archaeology News

The archaeological world was reeling today from the news that a team of researchers has made the discovery of the century at the site of the Kings Cross rail development in London.

Professor M. Maus, leading an archaeological team from the London Institute of Studies, was able to reveal to the press the burial site of the famous flame haired Queen of the Iceni; Boudicca.

Boudicca famously defied Roman rule, leading a revolt against the occupying force round AD 60. During a successful campaign Boudicca’s forces fought their way west from the homeland of the Iceni tribe in modern day East Anglia. Destroying Colchester, Boudicca headed for London, leading a force of 100,000 to burn and destroy the majority of the city.


The discovery at Kings Cross has been kept under wraps until today for fear of a media frenzy, but Prof. Maus insists that its time the world knows the truth. On an exclusive tour of the site,  HeritageDaily was shown an extraordinary burial chamber containing a wheeled chariot and the body of a woman, remarkably well preserved. Prof. Maus went on to describe the find;

‘If you look closely, there are traces of red hair on the skull and you can clearly see the socket for spikes on each of the wheels – we know Boudicca used these to cut down Roman legionaries in battle. There had always been rumors that Boudicca was buried in Kings Cross, its such a revelation to bring truth to the fables.

Plans are now underway for a major exhibition covering the discoveries, to be funded by the Institute of Studies and the charitable body Funding Organisation Of London.




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  • Anne Thannel Taylor

    Where is the proof?

  • BruceHays

    By any chance, is the Funding Organisation Of London most active on April 1st?

  • Sydney Salinas Schinterzen

    Maybe it’s an april fools. Lol.

  • Redd Folger

    Maybe an April Fool’s joke from England.

  • Áine Ní Tómas

    The London Institute of Studies eh?

  • Gail Bentzinger

    It’s not April 1 is it ? I guess they’re 6 hours ahead of me so it almost 0100 there.

  • Jamie Smith


  • Nomy Spring

    Please, please, please let this be real.

  • Ber Ní Loingsaigh

    Not falling for it ;)

  • Toni-maree Rowe

    Definitely April Fools – read the last few sentences…hahaha!

  • Sarah Amelia Foster

    Booo! lol

  • Teri Brewer

    Ah, un poisson d’Avril.

  • Marks Higgerson

    Wow…She rocked…and sacked and burned London.

  • Michael Dermot O’Brien

    Anyone who fools with the spirit of Boudicca is flirting with disaster; she is not the sort of queen you want to cross!

  • Kat Atkins

    A little early isn’t it? At least wait until the rest of us catch up and flip our calendars to April.

  • Nomy Spring

    Man, how I hate AF jokes about stuff like this. Party pooper? Sure, call me what you like. Still hate it.

  • ElizabethTompkins

    Professor M. Maus gets around a lot.  From Anaheim, to Orlando, to the London Institute of Studies.

  • Ryan Johnson

    I was eating a bowl of ceral while reading this. I spti it all over when I read this headliner, I click the link and now I am out of some ceral for nothing. Thanks a lot!

  • William Smith

    Whether it’s her grave or not has nothing to do with what she stood for : the innate human yearning for freedom.

  • Matthew Bartlett

    Aeron Trim

  • Val Green

    Very funny

  • Gerald Doherty


  • David Pierce

    Richard III is rolling in his grave. ;)

  • Pauli Beer


  • Kylie Molinas

    Professor M. Maus??? lol!!!!

  • Searles ODubhain

    Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.

  • Jayne Firestone

    Too cruel

  • James Hendricks

    Thanks for sharing the news!

  • Matthew Johnson


  • BonnieGranat

    “London Institute of Studies” — that’s a good one. And Mickey Mouse is a nice touch.

  • Guiding Threes


  • Mark Heath

    What day is it?

  • CarolineHolliday

    Cheers Big ears a.k.a Prof Maus, lol!

  • Sue Day

    Very good !!!

  • Sarah Burgess

    hahaha brilliant, would that be the famous michael maus by any chance

  • Adrian Butler

    London Institute of What??? Is it April 1st or something?

  • Patricia Moxey

    Made my day!!!!

  • Paul Bedson

    Shouldn’t we rename it Queen’s Cross? I guess Boudica wasn’t a Queen back then, but likely a Kindins…

  • Dave Tooke

    I thought that excellent documentary, Bonekickers, showed she was buried under the bath at Bath.

  • Wal Eyre

    Lol, nearly fell for that, the spikes gave it away :)

  • John Ferguson

    she’s buried in leicester.

  • Sheila Horseman
  • AdorkablePrice


  • Dude

    great… did they found Jolitorax too?

  • John Ferguson

    He’s buried in swannington.

  • JaneWilliams

    Article date is 13st March, not 1st April….

  • BonnieGranat

    JaneWilliams Article date is March 31, actually, but that doesn’t take away from the evidence that it’s a joke.

  • Otis B Driftwood

    The clue my friends is in the first sentence: “Professor M. Maus…..”
    The professor is known for his very round ears.

  • AllanBarger

    It’s sad this page doesn’t know the difference between a lie and a joke.

  • BonnieGranat

    And now the article date is April 1, 2014. They must be reading these responses.

  • BonnieGranat

    AllanBarger Can you say a bit more? Isn’t April Fool’s about attempting to get people to believe something that isn’t true?

  • BillAnderson1

    We’ve done it before, we can do it again! 
    Death to the NWO!  …………………………………………..  Hang the Banksters!

  • Bill Hudson

    I never though that The Magnificent Queen Boudicca’s final resting place would be King’s Cross, but Professor Maus’ excellent archaeology has proven it so.  I am grateful to Professor Maus’ integrity in striving to awaken and inspire so many young seekers’ minds and eyes in the course of interpreting and discovering our roots.
    Cool, dude!

  • AndrewPowell

    Bill Hudson  A little bit sycophantic, don’t you think? Is he your relative? No proof at all his claim is correct.

  • C Renee Fox

    As we say in Texas….
    “I bout had a heart attack! ”

  • Jason Ward

    Her chariot is in a car park in Leicestershire ;)

  • John Trainer

    Would have been funnier if they said she was found under McDonalds.

  • Avalon Morgan Pendragon

    someone has told me that this is an April Fool’s Day joke?

  • Bill Hudson

    AndrewPowell Bill Hudson M. Maus was in cartoons since the late 1930′s and has inspired many young folks.  I guess I am a bit sycophantic, but so was Annette Futiccello….

  • KahWrenThriscutt

    Got Me !!!   LOL……..  :P

  • WilliamBurkeJr

    AndrewPowell Bill HudsonI should think the red hair and
    chariot and location of the body by an eminent scientist would be
    proof enough.

  • Bill Hudson

    WilliamBurkeJr AndrewPowellBill Hudson
    And Mickey Maus had a remarkable film career as well.

  • JanDrobiak

    Well beyond the bounds of authority for a scientific community newspaper. Time and place for it. Not the place.

  • Bill Hudson

    JanDrobiak Righto, Don Jan.  Please consider the time.  Professor Maus from the “London Institute of Studies”…..on April 1….
    I am a Geologist and I am appreciative of the good works in Heritage Daily.
    Yikes, dude, you may qualify as Globally Thawed….sense of humor?   



  • JanDrobiak

    Bill Hudson JanDrobiak B, Thanks for the reply. I do appreciate YOUR humor, and hopefully, someone doesn’t find, at least in the near future, what may be possibly a tomb of Boudicca! (Although I’m sure the Roman’s made that not possible.)
    At any rate, next year, I’ll stay away from, or at least question, any writings here around the 1st of April.