Roman Ridge under threat from developers

Wincobank Hill : Friends of Wincobank Hill

Local residents in Sheffield England and members of a local history group called “Friends of Wincobank Hill” are in protest over proposals to build 22 homes on part of Wincobank Hill, site of a scheduled Iron Age hill Fort and surrounding monuments, as part of Planning Application Reference: 11/03972/FUL

If the proposals go ahead,  22 dwellinghouses and 4 apartments including associated car parking and landscaping will be built on the Roman Ridge part of the hill, an ancient linear earthwork or boundary thought to be Iron Age or early Medieval in date. Previous excavations have so far been unable to date the monument from lack of evidence : See Pastscape : Click Here

Early historians thought the main fort and surrounding earthworks to be Roman in origin. However, it is now thought to have been constructed by the Celtic Brigantes tribe, with some historians suggesting that the fortifications was part of a 1st century defensive line built by the Brigantes attempting to halt the northward advance of the Roman legions.

The Brigantes were a Celtic tribe who in pre-Roman times controlled the largest section of what would become Northern England, and a significant part of the Midlands. Their kingdom is sometimes called Brigantia, and it was centred in what was later known as Yorkshire.

This defensive line is suggested to have included hill forts at Carl Wark and Scholes Coppice, and the ancient dyke of Roman Ridge, running from the fort to Mexborough.

An archaeological survey recently of the site by Dr Gareth Davies, at Archaeological Research Services, concluded there was ‘medium to high potential’ remains may be intact.

But Katrina Hulse, of agents DLP Planning, said “trench surveys had found no historic artefacts.” And that the scheme for developing houses on this monument would “provide ‘much-needed family housing’ identified by the council in its Local Development Plan.

We are now in the final week for comments to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the Appeal by Investates Developments Ltd against Sheffield City Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the proposed housing development at the end of Sandstone Road. Please take the time to send a letter to save and protect this ancient monument before it’s too late.

Archaeological investigations as to the exact whereabouts of the Ridge at this point are inconclusive but Please ensure you quote the Planning Reference Number APP/J4423/A/12/2180681/NWF and email direct to  The absolute deadline is Monday 24th September  2012.  Please also include your name and address and postcode..   The matter is due to be settled in writing but please ask for a Public Inquiry so that local views can be heard.

Download Letter Template

The number of individual letters and emails received by the Planning Inspector is also a significant factor in evidencing our concern.

It is important to note that this development does not  threaten the Iron Age Hill Fort itself as this is a Scheduled Monument but it comes within 200 metres and will destroy a stretch designated open green space on the line of the Roman Ridge.

Friends of Wincobank Hill are looking for your support!!

Visit their website today!

If we can stand against the Romans we can defend Wincobank Hill in 2012!

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